April 8, 2010

+Trevin and I have officially kicked off  Mischief Prints, which we hope will contribute to the city’s “independent printing scene.” Which is an impressive way to say “screening band posters and decorative prints.” However, time will tell because…

+Our schedule has been derailed by a sudden (and fortuitous) change in employment; Trevin at Shangri La, and myself at Spider House. Also I’m in the neck deep in moving, which doesn’t make things any easier. Hopefully we’ll get a new routine down soon.

+I’m redefining my goals creatively and personally. The short version is that I simply want to produce and be in charge of my own time. That said, I need to focus more of my energy into making this happen, regardless of whether it’s writing, artwork, or something else entirely.


love at first sight

March 22, 2010

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friday night

February 21, 2010

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To all three of my readers: I’m reworking the layout and look of this page, so you’ll have to deal with this pre-fab theme for a bit.

It took seven years, but my scanner finally broke. I need a replacement to finish the new designs so I’m selling the rest of my films. Sorry guys, but I’ve doomed you to sitting scarred and exposed on a frat house coffee table. No hard feelings.